Referring to the region between the absolutes of black and white, our theme ‘Because Grey Matters’ represents the complexity of human lives, minds and situations. Grey represents a multitude of hues within itself, each succinctly unique in its identity yet inherently similar to its accompanying shades. Similarly, all of us are our own shade and hue but are, nonetheless, deeply connected to each other by the thread of humanity.

However, our inhibitions and inflexibility to accept those in the 'grey region' leads numerous people to be ostracised and harassed. Most oppressed people, with issues that many don't lend an ear to, often find themselves battling a lone war and are oft left in the grey. A glimpse into the ongoing humanitarian conflicts prevailing the planet currently only attest to this harsh truth.

Grey Matter also alludes to the importance of broad minded thinking in a world dominated by dogmatic and propagandist views. Pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity, art, music and innumerable other fields, 'Because Grey Matters' encourages everyone to express themselves articulately and realise that humanity fundamentally lies in this overlap of colours and regions and not just in polarizing extremes.

Envisage a society inclusive of every shade,
Let in the light, witness the extremities fade,

We are a contrast of extravagance and subsistence,
Ideas are born out of necessity and persistence,

Conditions of birth and death fail to decide your fate,
Break free from the reigns of stereotype, prejudice and hate,

Observe the world under a new lens,
Focus on the greys, for black and white hardly make sense,

For black and white are hardly pristine,
Pristine is their blending,

Blend-o-blend, till there are polarities no more,
More we absorb, higher the ladder we climb.